Join the movement for a Better World

At Pledge With Us, we believe businesses that commit to having a positive impact on the world inspire others to do the same. That starts with the fundamentals: fair pay, sustainable practices, ethical governance. If you agree, pledge with us.

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Fair Pay Pledge

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Non-discrimination Illustration


We make pay decisions without discrimination on any basis, and our policies clearly support this commitment.

Real Living Wage Illustration

Real Living Wage

We pay at least the Real Living Wage to all employees, including interns, to support their financial well-being.

Market Rate Illustration

Market rate

We set salaries based on market conditions for our industry and the company size, taking skills and experience into account.

Financial Stability Illustration

Financial stability

We believe financial stability matters, so we do not employ people on zero-hour contracts as a standard practice.

Part Time Staff Illustration

Part-time staff

We ensure that part-time staff are paid on the same basis, pro-rata, as full-time staff, including benefits and holiday entitlement.

Contractors Illustration


We commit to paying freelancers and contractors promptly and fairly, in line with the way we treat our employees.

Meritocracy Illustration


We make pay decisions based on merit: how well a person is doing their job and how well they embody our values.

Clear Expectations Illustration

Clear expectations

We share clear expectations and policies about how employees are rewarded and the principles guiding such decisions.

Good Communication Illustration

Good communication

We communicate proactively about pay and performance, sharing information with clarity, humanity and timeliness.

Regular Reviews Illustration

Regular reviews

We run a regular performance and pay review process, evaluating individual performance with care and attention.

Operational Excellence Illustration

Operational excellence

We commit to timely and accurate payments and documentation for employees, contractors and freelancers.

Accurate Reporting Illustration

Accurate reporting

We will always provide timely and accurate payroll information to the relevant tax authorities.

Pledge with us

Do you believe in fair pay? Join the community:

  • Read each item  and review your organisation's processes. If they align, you are eligible (and encouraged!) to pledge with us.
  • Remember, this is a promise, not a legal contract. We are not a certified third-party that will assess your pay practices. It's an honour system - a community joining together.
  • Once you pledge, you'll get a badge for your website, email, socials and so on.  As this is a signifier to your stakeholders and employees of your commitment, it is required as part of the pledge that, wherever possible, this badge be linked  to this web page so others can check for themselves that you are keeping your promises.

By signing this pledge, you commit to integrating these values into your business practices, fostering a better future for all. Together, we can build a more fair, sustainable and equitable world.

Commit to fair pay practices

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